Six civilians killed in fresh attack in Debretabor and Durbete , Ethiopia

August 29,2016

Chair man of All Ethiopian Unity Party, Adane Tilahun, told voice of America Amharic services six civilians are killed in a fresh attack on civilians in two towns in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Debretabor where three of the victims are killed has been under stay at home protest for the past several days.

On the other hand, Durbete where another three civilians are killed led a street protest ; condemned the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front. As in many other protests in many other towns in the region, protesters in Durbete trashed flag introduced by TPLF government and hoisted Etiopia’s historical flag.

In a similar development, protesters in Dembecha blocked road leading to Debre Markos city. Reports in social media says the town of Dembecha was under attack by Agazi forces for most part of the day.

Cover photo : Debre Markos protest/file

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