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Ethiopia : Massive street protest broke out in Bahir Dar again

August 29,2016

Bahir Dar protest - ESAT Photo
Bahir Dar protest /File Photo Credit: ESAT

According to Breaking News coverage by ESAT and social media report on facebook, a huge street protest broke out in Bahir Dar – capital of region three of Ethiopia.

Agazi forces are apparently deployed in different parts of the city and gunshot is heard -anonymous eyewitnesses from Bahir Dar told ESAT on the phone.

The extent of causality is not known at this writing. On August 7, at least 40 civilians were killed and more than 100 injured following a shoot-to-kill violent attack by loyal Agazi forces of the minority regime in Ethiopia.

For the past couple of days, Bahir Dar was under strict stay at home protest. Today’s massive protest was not known beforehand.

Similar protests happened in smaller towns in the region yesterday. Durbete and Dembecha towns say big demonstration. At least three civilians were reported killed in Durbete town.

Debre Tabor, a bigger town in Southern Gonder saw similar protest following three days of organized stay at home protests. Like in Durbete, three civilians are reported dead yesterday.

According to prominent activists from the region, the movement in Amhara region of Ethiopia is about ensuring that Amhara people are not more exterminated by the minority regime. The demand about Wolqaite is a core message in the movement.

Research based study released sometime in 2015 revealed that an estimated 2.5 to 3 million Amhara people were systematically exterminated over the period of two decades after the minority Tigray regime took power in Ethiopia.


Cover Photo : Bahir Dar protest /file

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