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ESAT breaking news [Amharic Video]

August 29,2016

video of ESAT breaking news [Amharic].

A truck on its way to the town of Adiarqay in North Western Ethiopia carrying 550 cases of beer is stopped by protesters.

Protesters used plastic beer cases to block road in an apparent move to impede mobility of ruling party’s most loyal tool of violent repression – Agazi forces.

In a related development, according to ESAT news, authorities in Bahir Dar seem to be escaping from the city after massive protest broke out yesterday. Individuals who are believed to be serving the minority regime seem to be threatened by protesters.

Those who have a role in the killings of civilians in some form are losing their homes to arson by angry protesters.

Meanwhile, some sources claim that more than 10 civilians are killed in the last two days in Bahir Dar. But ESAT reported only 4 cases of death in Bahir Dar.

Despite widespread killings and deployment of TPLF loyal forces, protests in North Wesetern Ethiopia is getting momentum and getting furious at the same time.

Five days of meeting by the ruling party failed to come up with concrete positive response to legitimate demands of people.

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