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Ethiopia : Uprising in Bure, Gojjam

August 26,2016

ESAT coverage of developments in Bure

Massive uprising broke out this morning in Bure town, Gojjam, of the Amhara regional state. Protest opposed TPLF government and targeted business entities that belong to Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) – member of the ruling coalition which many consider to be sham.

According to ESAT report, so far one person is confirmed dead after deployed armed forces swing to the usual violent and brutal repression method.

Reinforcement regiment is coming to the town of Bure from Bahir Dar.

In a related development, there was similar uprising in the town of Finote Selam Yesterday. A college student identified as Awoke Mussie is reported killed during the protest. And in what seem to be a retaliatory measure, protesters set on fire a house that is believed to be owned by the suspect in the killing of the college student.

Since beginning of August, a stern and defiant uprising has been going on in Gojjam. Despite brutal measures by the ruling TPLF government forces which claimed hundreds of lives in recent time, uprising is showing signs resilience and defiance.

The uprising in Bure town came just a day after statement by president of the regional state, Gedu Andargachewu, which claimed that basic agreement has been reached between protesters and government. According to Gedu’s press statement which was aired in state media, “government agreed to address all demands raised by protesters.” That, for some observers, is just a strategy to buy time.

Among other things, protest in the Amhara regional state demand Wolqaite to be part of Gonder the way it used to be before the ruling party TPLF incorporated it to Tigray soon after it took government power in Addis Ababa and Tigray.

Cover photo : Screenshot of ESAT video

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