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Colonel Demeke Zewu won’t be transferred: Gedu Andargachew

August 26,2016

In a statement aired in state television – EBC- head of region three of Ethiopia says “basic agreement has been reached between government and people in the region. Causes of the conflict will be addressed.”

Is it a strategy to buy time? Causes of the uprising includes identity question of Wolqaite among other things.

On the issue of Colonel Demeke, whom Gedu Andargachew described as suspect, he said that he will not be transferred from Gonder to other areas. He asserts that colonel was made to stay in Gonder out of respect to the demands of residents. Otherwise, he could have been transferred soon after the incident that lead to his arrest.

Recently, there was a rumor regarding removal of Gedu Andargachew from his power.



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