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[Amharic] New Development in Gonder : ESAT

August 24,2016

ESAT video. Angereb prison in Gonder City today.

Loyal forces deployed by TPLF to move Colonel Demeke Zewdu from Anghereb prison in Gonder to somewhere else ( possibly Maekelawi in Addis Ababa or to Tigray region) met with stiff resistance from prison guards and people of Gonder.

No reports on the number of causality so far. However, sources from Gonder confirmed that the regime mobilized heavy artillery and the air force against resistance in Gonder which is rather barely armed compared to forces deployed in Gonder.


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  1. The weyane phobia disturbs you any time. Your colonel has no this much idea about administration and border line . Any Ethiopian can cross the administration line without any permission but borderline needs permission. Ur propaganda befor Gonder demonstratio, u used to say one people and one country without discrimination but currently u r advocating to make demarcation among ethnics . This double standard. I want to ask Dr. Yukob how he looks the victim of Tigrayans in Gondor coating with the Amharans in Guraferd and Benshangule. All I mentioned above are the same for De. Yakob but I did not see his comment on Gonder victims. Pls invite him to comment on the issue.


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