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Almaz Ayana seeks apology from Ethiopians for not winning gold in 5000m at Rio

August 22,2016

Almaz Ayana  Source ; Herald Sun
Almaz Ayana
Source ; Herald Sun

Almaz Ayana made history at Rio Olympic by shattering world record in 10,000 meters distance when she finished the distance in 29:17:45 minutes slicing off 14:33 seconds from the world record set in 1993 by a Chinese athlete.

Many Ethiopians expected that Almaz Ayana will do same in the 5000 meters distance. Almaz herself expected to win gold medal. In some cases, the talk was whether Almaz could break world record in 5000 meters as well or not. The result turned out to be different.

Two laps into the finishing line Almaz Ayana could no longer maintain her lead, it was about 50 meters ahead of the rest of the athletes, and was passed by Kenaya athlete Vician Cheriout who claimed gold in the distance.

Almaz had to settle for Bronze medal in the distance which many Ethiopians rather consider it to be decent performance owing to her exhausting races in the 10,000 meters final and 5,000 meters preliminary heat. She dominated most of the laps by leading even the leading athletes during the 5000 meters event at Rio.

Almaz felt somewhat guilty for not winning gold in the 5000 meters and asked apology from Ethiopians. She’s already very respected. And her apology got Ethiopians talking about her humility and sense of responsibility. Response of Ethiopians? “No Almaz, you actually did everything you could and made history; we love you.” Indeed, Ethiopia seem to be happy about her performance.


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