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At least one person killed in fresh attack by Agazi forces in Gonder city , Northern Ethiopia

August 20,2016

Residents in Gonder march with a martyr who was killed this morning Source : Screenshot of ESAT video
Residents in Gonder march with a martyr who was killed this morning
Source : Screenshot of ESAT video

At least one person is confirmed dead in Gonder city this morning after loyal forces of Tigray People’s Liberation Front government opened fire on civilians. The victim is identified as Gizachew Ketema – according to social media reports.

In the continuum of non-violent struggle which has been going on for months now, residents in Gonder planned to march in the city dressed in whites, probably a message intended to demonstrate the peaceful nature of their movement.

It didn’t take long after commencement of march in the city when Agazi forces opened fire on those who were marching peacefully, according to reports in the city..

Yesterday, Dr Debretsion Gebre Michael who is one of Tigray Peopole’s Liberation Front top figures in the so called Federal government structures wrote an adventurist and chauvinist statement on his faceboook in Amharic.
The rant like status update stated that the defense force is engaged in unprecedented operation and courageously quelling down uprisings in Ethiopia. He specifically mentioned that the defense force did a very good job in Gonder. Clearly what that means in TPLF language is that the defense force is massacring people.

Gonder has been under siege by Agazi ( that is the loyal force of TPLF) for several weeks now. Most Social media platforms have been blocked for weeks and cellphones barely work.

In spite of all the atrocities committed in Gonder, residents seem to be well aware of the psychological game of TPLF and what it is cooking for Amharas in Gonder and beyond and are fiercely resisting it. A video released by ESAT this morning shows that residents in Gonder march in the city carrying the body of the victim wrapped in Ethiopia’s historical flag.

Looks like TPLF has a grand plan to obliterate Amharas as they are perceived as archenemy for the chauvinistic political agenda of Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

This week borkena shared a research based documentary ( available here) that narrates how 2.4 Amhara people were subjected to genocide over a period of two decades without the world knowing about it ( well it is hard to tell if the world didn’t know about it).

TPlF regime in Ethiopia is client to western governments and bags tons of money in financial aid.

Over the past nine months more than 700 people are killed in Ethiopia in a heavy handed policy of TPLF.

TPLF’s ethnically motivated military operation against Amharas and Oromos is likely, many observers including from outside note, to cause a dangerous situation in Ethiopia.

In addition to Western powers, China seem to be supporting the regime in power. Russia does not seem to care about the situation in Ethiopia.


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