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Almaz Ayana won bronze for Ethiopia in women’s 5000 meters at Rio Olympic

August 19,2016

Almaz Ayana  Source ; Herald Sun
Almaz Ayana
Source ; Herald Sun

AlmaZ Ayana shattered world record in women’s 10,000 meters at Rio Olympic when she finished the distance in 29:17.45

Her victory and new world record was one more reason that enticed Ethiopians to the point of absolute certainty that Almaz Ayana would win double gold medal by winning the 5000 meters race.

One commentator was simply asking if Almaz Ayana will go for world record. Clearly he was convinced, as did Ethiopians,that she will win gold.

She started the race in great shape. In the first two laps, a Japanese athlet was leading and Almaz was in a second position. The pace was good; they were running at 67 and 68 seconds a lap.

Almaz Ayana picked up pace after five and half minutes and overtook the Japanese Athletes. Kenyans athelets responded to Almaz and followed her. Just after a lap, Almaz was fifty meters ahead of Kenyas Vician Cheryout and her compatriot.

Thereafter, Almaz dominated the race until about two laps to the finishing line. That is where Almaz slowed down after showing signs of strain. Vivian Cheruiyot wasted no time to change gear and march for gold. And successfully claimed the gold medal with new Olympic Record time of 14:26:17

Almaz Ayana won Olympic silver medal for Ethiopia. Looks like Almaz Ayana should have delayed her decision to change pace too early.

Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia is world record holder in women’s 5000 meters.


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