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Colonel Demeke Zewdu to appear in Gonder court again

August 18,2016

Colonel Demeke Zewdu Source ; Social Media
Colonel Demeke Zewdu
Source ; Social Media

Colonel Demeke Zewdu is appearing in court in Gonder tomorrow, according to social media sources. Demeke Zewudu is under arrest in Gonder following fateful incident involving him and security forces who were believed to have come from Tigray regions with what appeared to be illegitimate arrest warrant.

Exchange of fire between the security forces and Colonel Demeke left at least two security forces dead.

When more reinforcement was sent to Gonder to capture Colonel Demeke Zewdu, people in Gonder came in defense of the colonel to protect him from being taken to outside of Gonder for a “trail”

The incident caused outbreak of popular uprising in Gonder. So far, Colonel Demeke Zewdu is still in Gonder despite pressures that seemed to have emerged in the guise of “Federal government.”

Region three government to which Gonder is a part came under immense pressure from the people in Gonder and beyond not to handover him,whom now millions hail as a hero for refusing to surrender, to TPLF forces and fight them. Left with no option, government in the region seemed to have come to a collision course with the “Federal government” – which is rather TPLF in actual fact.

Colonel Demeke is appearing in court for a second time. Not enough is known regarding the charge laid against him.

Announcement by an activist on social media claims that TPLF has a plan in place to stage violence by causing grenade attack when residents in Gonder show up in court tomorrow.

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