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Ethiopia : video of killings by Agazi forces during the recent massive protest in Bahir Dar released

August 17, 2016

Ethiopian Satellite Television released video of killings by Agazi forces during massive protest in Bahir Dar.

In the latest popular uprising, the protest in Bahir Dar took place on August 7 after it was announced earlier as required by the constitution of Ethiopia.

No reports of violence were reported on the part of the protesters. They were simply, as could be seen from the above video, marching in the streets of Bahir Dar chanting anti-government slogan ( and protesters are clear that the government is TPLF).

Suddenly, Agazi forces opened fire, some say it was shot from a building nearby a sniper, on civilian protesters.

On the same day, at least 27 people were confirmed dead. In just two days more than 50 were killed from Bahir Dar City along and hundreds wounded( more coverage on the killing is available here )

Video released by ESAT does not show all the killings but it clearly shows the random nature of the killings.

Another amateur video (see below) circulating on Facebook today, this one was released by Feteh page – a popular facebook page with more than hundred thousand followers, shows killings in Bale Goba, a town in South Ethiopia.

The manner protesters are killed in Bale Goba is pretty much the same with that of Bahir Dar ; random.

United Nation’s Human Rights Body requested the regime in Ethiopia to investigate the killings but it was turned down by the regime.

So far no serious reactions from donor countries. It even looks like silence. Yet, the situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating and may further degenerate to along the contours what shocked Rwanda and the world about two decades ago.

Gonder, the birth place of the recent extremely defiant uprising, undertook three days of stay at home protest following killings by Agazi forces. Today, Gonder closed the stay at home chapter and residents came to the streets to honour those who were killed recently.

People are demanding an end to TPLF rule in Ethiopia. Observers suggest that the best thing that could avert total chaos in Ethiopia is the formation of transitional government.




  1. እናንተ አረመኔዎች ! ሁልሽም የእጅሽን የምታገኚበት ጊዜ እሩቅ አይደለም፡ እንዴት ወደ ህዝብ መሳሪያ ይተኮሳል?

  2. From the second video footage at Bale Goba, it’s clearly seen that the people were demonstrating peacefully!! There was no any violence activity! But the Agazi circled in red was shooting directly to the people. Are those Agazis even happen to be Ethiopian?. I feel like we are under colony!


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