Ethiopian Immigrants March Against Brutal Regime : Seattle Weekly

The government has recently killed and disappeared hundreds of people.

Seattle Weekly
Published on August 16,2016

Ethiopian Immigrant March in Seattle - Soure Seattle Weekly
Ethiopian Immigrant March in Seattle – Soure Seattle Weekly

A couple hundred members of Seattle’s Ethiopian immigrant community marched through downtown’s streets Tuesday afternoon in protest against U.S. support for the brutal Ethiopian regime.

“Back in Ethiopia, we have a dictatorial regime which has committed mass crimes against some people,” said attorney Daniel Ajema, a marcher who identified himself as an organizer. “We’re here in solidarity with the people back home, and would like to support them and show our support.”

He’s not exaggerating. In their “Democracy Index” last year, the Economist gave Ethiopia’s government their lowest classification: an authoritarian regime, with an “Electoral Process and Pluralism” score of zero out of ten. Since November, according to the Human Rights Watch, government forces have killed hundreds of largely peaceful protesters and “disappeared” hundreds more.

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