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It’s Mo Farah again in men’s 10000 meters at Rio2016 ; well deserved win

August 13, 2016

Mo Farah Source :
Mo Farah
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Mo Farah did it again at the Rio Olympic in men’s 10,000 meters. he was lurking in at the back for many laps before half time to finish the distance.

At the 11th minutes, he was even brought down. In a show of exemplary determination, Mo Farah stood up to continue what was not known clearly at that moment to be a march for gold.

Geoffrey of Kenya was in the leading pack for most of the laps along with Ethiopian athletes Yigrem Demelash and Tamrat Tola.

In the last four laps, Mo Farah came was consistently positioning himself in the third and fourth place testing the water of race for gold.

Tamrant Tola and Yigrem Demelash of Ethiopia put up a respectable effort to claim Olympic gold for Ethiopia.

Six hundred meters into the finishing line, competition was between Geoffrey, Tamrat Tola, Yigrem Demelash and Mo Farah.

As it turns out, Mo Farah proved to be super when he make splendid stretch leaving Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes athletes behind in the last hundred meters to settle for second Olympic Gold Medal himself and his country United Kingdom. It took him 27:05:17 to finish the distance. Well deserved win for Farah. he aspires second gold medal in the 5000 meters category.

Geoffrey just meters away from Mo Farah settled for silver medal and he seemed to be alright with it.

Tamrat Tolla added a bronze medal to Ethiopia’s Medal table after as he settled for third place. His compatriot Yigrem Demlash finshed second just steps behind him.

Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia was not included in Ethiopia’s Olympic team to Rio




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