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UK based Charity fears for the life of Andargachewu Tsige in the wake of crackdown

August 10,2016

In a report published on its website today, Reprieve – UK based Human Rights charity- expresses concern for the life of Andargachew Tsige.

Noting Ethiopia’s political volatility which resulted the death of at least 100 civilians over the weekend and ongoing crackdown, and recalling that Andargachew’s kidnap while in transit in Yemen was part of crackdown on opposition voices, Reprieve urged the Foreign Office to ask the government of Ethiopia to release Andargachew Tsige. Andargachew Tsige

However,the office does not seem to have intention to move in that direction as the focus is rather on securing what Reprieve reported quoted as ‘legal access’ in Ethiopia. Prime Minister’s David Cameron’s espouses same stand point.

Andargachew was living in London with wife and three children before was abducted by Yemen authorities and handed over to the regime in Ethiopia two years ago.

His daughter Menabe made news in recent months when she accused the British government that it did not do what it is supposed to do to protect her father who is a British Citizen.

Political instability in Ethiopian entered a whole new phase when strings of uprisings across much Ethiopia demanded an end to what activist say is tyrannical regime of Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

At least 130 people are killed since Saturday the areas where there was popular uprising.

Reprieve ‘s report is available here




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