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Ethiopia : An omen of impending purger within EPRDF?

August 9,2016

Gedu Andargachewu
Gedu Andargachewu

For a long time now, it is apparent that there is widely held political belief, and there is a logic behind it, among Ethiopians that EPRDF (Ethiopian People Revolutionary Front) is a cover organization and the country is rather under the tyranny of Tigray People Liberation Front – which is theoretically simply a member of EPRDF coalition.

Many Ethiopians also hold the view that member political organizations within EPRDF proved to be politically( an in other ways too) weak in the face of TPLF – which only represents only about 6 percent of the population.

From developments over the past several months, Amhara National Democratic Movement – which is literally a creation of TPLF – appear to have made a paradigm shift, under the leadership of Gedu Andargachewu, in terms of asserting power and demanding freedom and Justice. Coincidentally, the very Ethiopians who were rather made to to remember – due to circumstances of injustices and outright repressions by TPLF and other entities – their ethnic identity and claim it. The outcome of added immense political pressure on the ruthless rule of TPLF. TPLF , apart from violent response that claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians in North Western Ethiopia, seem to be thinking in terms of immediate systematic purge within ANDM so as to make it a political surrogate that it used to be.

Horn Affairs, Addis Ababa based blog affiliated with and access to ruling party insider information, broke the news that Gedu Andargachew -president of Amhara regional state -is removed from his position in what appears to be a beginning of political purge.

It looks as if the decision came from, based on Horn Affairs’ account of the development, Central Committee of Amhara National Democratic Movement.

Pretext for the move purge him is that he was unable to control what many Ethiopians think is a popular uprising fueled by decades of tyranny.

ANDM has been mocked, ridiculed, despised and criticized widely for being political surrogate of Tigray People’s Liberation front with inability to conduct its own political business independently.

From the report by Horn Affairs, Gedu Andargachew is not entirely purged from the party yet. He is restricted to “administrative functions” – although it is not clear as the position entails. And what many speculate is that his future is not only uncertain but also in danger. And many point to the vengeful history of TPLF as an evidence. On the other hand, there are opposition activists who tend to consider Gedu’s removal from ANDM key leadership position as a success for the ongoing movement in North Western Ethiopia. Gedu has been described by some as a political figure within ANDM with a backbone to stand up against TPLF bully for which he is relatively popular.

Horn Affair hinted that the new party chairman will be Demeke Mekonnen (extremely unpopular) who is now a one of the three deputy prime ministers at the federal government level. Three deputy prime ministerial position were created after the death of Meles Zenawi in an apparent window dressing approach to deal with ethnic controversy over the prime ministerial position.

Yet, the party did not issue official statement at this writing.

What is sure thing to say is that the purger many not even be even in the political interest of TPLF.



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