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Protest in Bahir Dar continued for the second day

August 8,2016

Protest in Bahir Dar continued today for a second day after 27 civilians were killed and more than 50 wounded yesterday in unprecedented scale attack on protesters in the history of the City . The size of protesters is said to be as big as yesterday.

“Dimtsachin Yiselma” which translates to “we demand answers to our question” was chanted by the crowed that was machining in the streets of Bahir Dar this morning.

Funeral for the deceased from yesterday killings took place today , according to sources from the city. The funeral procession turned into another huge thunderous protest.

Defense force is still deployed in the city. But there seem to be no sign of fear in the city. Residents reportedly wrested fire arms from members of defense forces.

And at least two members of Agazi forces are reportedly killed in what seem to be ambush surprise attack.
According to reports from locals, one of agazi forces was killed from the balcony of a building while shooting at protesters with a sniper rifle. And the other was ambushed from the back. However, the news is not verified from other independent sources.

Licensed fire arm owners in the villages from adjacent areas are said to be trickling to the city to respond to attack by government forces.

ESAT reported that a car was set on fire. Stores and public offices in the city remained closed. Phones and internet remain disconnected as well.

Meanwhile popular riot reportedly continued in Sanja district of Gonder. Soroqa district is tense as confrontation between armed residents and defense force is heightened.

Two senior government authorities are reportedly in Gonder in an apparent move to engage residents. However, number of innocent civilians killed by forces deployed by the government is prone to make success of talk with locals unlikely, not just to mention demands that caused the movement; identity question regarding Wolqakit.

The political situation in other parts of Ethiopia remains volatile.




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