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International Community : No more policy of appeasement – by Sileshie k. Michael

August 7,2016

The International Community should not be silent as an alarming atrocities are occurring each day. The situation in Gonder is degenerating into a war of attrition against the demonstrators with a magnitude loss of civilians. The regime is deliberately campaigning negatively to taint the peaceful demonstration as an ethnic confrontation between the Tigrians and Amhara people. But the fact on the ground is different. It remains a fight against tyranny. In Gonder, the people have rose against mass killings, arbitrary detention and ethnic cleansing against the Wolkeite Amhara. The uprooting of the people, which triggered the demonstration in the Gonder have been carried out for more than quarter of century.

The regime which is held in the tight grips of popular discontent by the two largest ethnic groups in the country is showing its true nature through killings and incarcerating thousands. Defiance against all International conventions and charters on human rights is a result of the appeasement policies followed by the major donors other than anything else.

All the protests started as a peaceful demand has been transformed into popular uprising as the regime intensified its repression. Worse of all, the regime still continues its firing live bullets with the aim to cow demonstrators.

In its media presenting the demonstrations as attempt of regime change instigated by the Eritrean regime in Asmara is neither plausible nor political sound. It is only a strategy to externalize legitimate domestic grievances as a subversive. This shows an absolute lack of political wills to admit the demonstrations are legitimate and answer political demands according to the constitution. A government alleges that it was voted into office by 100 percent unprecedented turnout are abysmally sinking into ethnic disintegration as a result of riots by the same people who voted for. Such paradox is only possible in Ethiopia. The electoral frauds and diplomatic deceptions to convince the international community that Ethiopia is a democracy could not hold a grain of truth as such massive protests are under way.

The minority regime, by controlling the economy and security apparatus Tigrian ethnic hegemony has effectively marginalized the nation various ethnic groups in the political decision making. Such polarization is clear from the recent demonstrations by the Oromo and Amhara, the two largest ethnic groups who demanded more freedom and change. Therefore, any development which left out the two dominant nations are neither politically feasible nor sustainable not only to Ethiopia but also the entire sub-region, to say the least.

The International Community should in an unambiguous terms condemned the cold blooded mass killings and brutal crackdowns on dissent. The level of human right abuses needs an independent commission to be established by the international community to deter the regime further spilling innocent bloods in Ethiopia.

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