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Bahir Dar joins Gondar and Oromo region to say enough to TPLF : ESAT

ESAT News (August 6, 2016)

Bahir Dar protest Photo : ESAT
Bahir Dar protest
Photo : ESAT

Tens of thousands of residents of Bahir Dar flooded the streets of this major town in North Ethiopia in the early hours on Sunday and denounced the tyrannical rule of the TPLF.

Social media posts show protesters chanting slogans condemning years of oppression by the minority rule of the TPLF. They were also expressing solidarity with their compatriots in Gondar and Oromo region who are gallantly fighting the brute forces of the regime.

Protesters deplored recent statements coming out of government officials concerning Wolkait, an Amhara territory annexed to Tigray region by the TPLF.

A resident of Bahir Dar told ESAT that brute forces of the TPLF, called Agazi, were shooting at protesters in Bahir Dar, although no casualties have been reported so far.

At least a dozen people were killed by snipers of the regime in Gondar and Oromo region in the last two days of protest. Regime’s army have also sustained heavy casualty although details were scanty. Locals on Saturday took control of a military camp in Azezo and a depot in Koladiba, both towns in Gondar.

Protests were underway at the time of this post and ESAT will relay developments as they come.

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