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Full-scale genocide on the Amharas of Ethiopia and Western media silence – By AchamYeleh Tamiru

AchamYeleh Tamiru
August 6,2016

AchamYeleh TamiruIn the ongoing massacre in Gondar, in two days alone, the Tigrian Fascist regime mercenaries have murdered innocent Amharas, killing at least 30 people. ALL of the victims are innocent men, women and children from the towns Debretabor, Gayint, Azezo and Gondar, Ethiopia’s North-Western region largest city.

The apparent genocide committed has tragically become an almost hourly occurrence during the last three weeks of relentless war declared on Gondar by a Western-backed Tigrian regime of Ethiopia. As I speak the regime mercenaries called Agazi security forces are firing live ammunitions on Amhara peaceful and unarmed protesters who demanded identity and geographic restoration of Wolkait-Tegede -Tselemt-Humera that are forcefully annexed into the TPLF’s Tigray region since TPLF’s coming to power in1991. The Amharas of Ethiopia are also demanding an end of the era of full-scale genocide and mass murder of the Amharas that have been continued for the last 25 years.

Surely, this should be front page news, with CNN International, the BBC News, Al Jazeera English, FRANCE 24, and Bloomberg among other big Western and Arab media outlets, splashing it as their top story. However, there has been no news coverage of the tragic events unfolding in Gondar and other towns and cities of Ethiopia. Aside from some brief, vague reports of a generalized “protest”, there has been a wall of silence as to how the Western-backed Ethiopian regime is pulverizing Amhara civilians and creating the red-terror. Of course we the Amharas of Ethiopia know that the international media silence is a deliberate blackout by western and Arab medias. For us it is clear that the lenses of CNN, the BBC, Al Jazeera France 24 ad Bloomberg don’t see the massacres committed everyday in Ethiopia on the Amhara people by the Tigrian People Liberation Front, a Wester backed racial regime.

As I speak what’s happening in Gondar and other areas of Ethiopia cannot be described as anything less than full-scale genocide, where innocent civilians are being slaughtered by American-supplied ammunition and weapons because of who they are. At the moment more than 20 million Ethiopians are starved to death. Significant number of the starved to death are Amharas. Since last June famine has been looming NOT because of drought but because of mass state corruption, poor governance, criminalization of politics, violation of citizens’ rights, failed economics policies of the regime and because farmers have not been able to tend to crops. Since the Amharas resistance started three weeks ago, the regime has stopped supplying food aid to the starved to death Amharas in retaliation of the on going resistance of Amharas in Gondar. The systematic starvation of starved to death Amharas by denying them food, water and medical aid because their co-ethnic are resisting genocide in the other parts of the country adds to the barbarity. This is full-scale genocide by any legal definition of the word.

Despite the horror and complicity of Western governments in the full-scale genocide, the Western news media avoid providing informative reports on the carnage on the Amharas. When some of the medias do give occasional brief reports, they routinely distort the nature of the genocide as if it is a small flash protest against issues that makes us unhappy.

We Ethiopians believe that United States and European countries who backed the savage Ethiopian regime, a killing machine, are heavily involved in genocidal massacres of Amharas in Ethiopia. In other words, what is happening in Ethiopia on the Amharas is truly a heinous crime and full-scale genocide against ethnic Amharas committed by Western governments. What is unfolding in Gondar is an unspeakable crime against humanity. And that is why the Western media will not dare talk about it. The Western media are obliged to ignore, obfuscate and distort the shocking truth of what their governments are committing in Ethiopia. This makes the Western media just as complicit in the appalling criminality.

I have one last call to the western news medias. You the western news medias, if you are reporting the full-scale genocide on the Amharas of Ethiopia committed by the TPLF regime of Ethiopia, please don’t tell us about your vague reports of a generalized protest by the Amharas to exacerbate our disappointment and add insult to injury. If you got the courage to say few words about the full-scale genocide on the Amharas of Ethiopia committed by the TPLF, please tell your governments at least to stay ClEAN from TPLF’s final sins.

Note: Amharas are fighting a fascist colonizer called Tigray People’s Liberation Front that joined bushes four decades ago drafting extinction plans to eliminate the Amhara race from the Earth’s surface who are deemed to obstacles to the formation of The great republic of Tigray. TPLF’s plan, as it is clearly stated in tis 1976’s manifesto and the now Ethiopian’s constitution, is to form the the great republic of Tigray on the tombs of the Amharas.

So, we the Amharas of Ethiopia are not protesting seeking a reform for something that make us unhappy. Protest is a reformist publicity stunt for something that makes a group unhappy. We are resisting full-scale genocide declared on us by TPLF. Our resistance is for elemental attacks from TPLF and our struggle is for survival; a matter of life and death not of a reform of the existing system. As I said above, at the moment the Amharas are in the hands of a ruthless Tigrian colonizer that indiscriminately kills innocent men, women and children. So, we are not ‪#‎Amaraprotest‬ but ‪#‎AmharaResistance‬!

Achamyeleh Tamiru lives in ashington, District of Columbia



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