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Farmers in Gondar take over a military camp in Azezo and a depot in Koladiba, two killed in Aimba in a gun battle with regime soldiers : ESAT


August 6, 2016

A resident of the town told ESAT on the phone that farmers in Azezo who engaged regime soldiers in a gun battle all day on Saturday took over the military camp. ESAT could not independently verify the claim and it is not clear which side controls the town of Azezo.

Heavy fighting has been reported In Koladiba, 35 kilometers form the town of Gondar, where protesters took control of a military depot. A source told ESAT that farmers run over the army in a fierce gun fight. Offices and vehicles belonging to the ruling EPRDF were set on fire.

In Aimba, two killed in a gun battle with soldiers as the farmers ambushed a convoy of soldiers heading to Gondar.

As night falls in Ethiopia and with the internet cut by the regime, it was hard to obtain information as to the extent of casualties in today’s fighting between the people of Gondar and regime forces.
ESAT will post updates as they come.



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