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Clash between Oromia Police and Agazi left a policeman dead in Nekemte,Ethiopia

August 6,2016

Protest in Adama (Nazreth). Source Social Media

Clash between Oromia Police and Agazi reportedly left one member of Oromia police dead in Nekemte, Western Ethiopia, this morning.

As part of planned nation wide protest this weekend, protesters took to the street in Nekemte which triggered deployment of Agazi, a loyal force to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), to the town.

Minnesota based ethnic media, Oromia media network, which reported about the incident, did not release details of circumstances under which Oromia police and Agazi forces clashed in Nekemete.

Tension between Agazi forces and local police is noticeable more than ever now. Last week, an amateur video was released in which local police was attacked and humiliated by a member of Agazi while many bystanders are watching.

In a related development, many towns in Oromia region of Ethiopia came under attack by Agazi force following peaceful protest to demand freedom and justice. Dembi Dolo,Dodola, Bule Bora,Arsi, Bale, Asosa,Ghinchi, Shasemene, Ambo, Awoday and Hirna towns experienced protest. Awaday, a small town between Dire Dawa and Harar, experienced bloody day last week when twenty six residents were shot by Agazi Snipers.

In North Western Ethiopia, Debre Tabor town (part of Gonder province) was a scene of confrontation between protesters and agazi forces. No reports on causality so far. However, most part of Gonder is reportedly engaging defense forces of the regime. Based on sources from Gonder, it looks like a full fledged war is being waged against Gonder. Heavy artillery is deployed against poorly armed residents. Another protest is expected in Bahir Dar Tomorrow.

While the exact figure of causality is not clearly known at this point in time, it is clear that Agazi forces used live ammunition to put down the movement in a brutal way. The motive behind mounting brutal killing, say some observers, is to send the image that the ruling TPLF is still strong.

Until this morning, social media and internet was disconnected in many parts of Ethiopia. Similarly, cellular phones were not working in most parts of Ethiopia.




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