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Protesters removed TPLF gov.t flag and replaced it with Ethiopia’s historic flag in Jerusalem

August 4,2016

Ethiopian Protesters in Jerusalem removed flag used by the regime in Ethiopia from Holy Covenant church in Jerusalem and replaced it with Ethiopia ‘s historic flag.

Protesters were singing spiritual songs while taking down what they call TPLF flag. They demanded the government to respond positively to the Wolqaite issue. However, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne made appearance on state controlled television to declare what many speculates as order from TPLF high ranking officials in the Federal government; he stated that Wolqaite – contested region in North Western Gondar – as part of Tigray. Residents in Wolqaite assert that they are unmistakably Amhara and part of Gondar; not Tigray.

There is a schism within the Ethiopian church in the diaspora. The Patriarchate that was forcefully removed from Addis Ababa and compelled by circumstances to leave the country soon after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power twenty five years ago reorganized itself under Patriarch Abune Merkorios and is based in the United States. This patriarchate has presence and a huge Ethiopian laity in North America, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa- especially South Africa.

Without a noticeable to reunite the church,the Synod under the control of Ethiopian government rather opted to establish pro-government churches outside of Ethiopia wherever the exiled patriarchate established churches.

And it is one of those pro-government churches that was targeted by Ethiopian protesters in Jerusalem ,Israel.

Jerusalem is home to a fairly large number of Ethiopians

Video credit: Hirut Hailu



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