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[Must Listen ] ESAT ‘s interview with Restey Tesfaye

August 4,2016

Restey Tesfaye, who is originally from Wolqaite area of Ethiopia and proudly claims an Amhara identity, spent her most productive youth age fighting along side Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

She now seem to regret that she fought along side TPLF, from her interview with ESAT . Reason? She thinks that she , and many other fighters like herself who are not ethnically Tigray but fought along side TPLF, brought rather slavery to people whom she identifies herself with : Amhara in Wolqaite.

She sounds as if she would rather fight against TPLF had she knew what she presumably would say is TPLF real intentions – imposing oppression of the people of wolqaite and the rest of Ethiopia.

Based information shared by ESAT, high ranking military officers of TPLF are already sending messages of threats.




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