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Ethiopia : Abrupt protest broke out in Gonder; at least one person reportedly killed. Gonder is like a war zone

August 5,2016

ESAT ‘s breaking news coverage in Amharic

An estimated five thousand people suddenly took to the street in Gondar and marched to High court in Gonder.

The incident happened after news that Colonel Demeke Zewdu appeared for court hearing.

Protesters surrounded Gonder court chanting anti- TPLF slogans. Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) spoke on the phone to one of the protesters in Gonder. A sound of gun fire is heard in the background.

ESAT video image released with breaking news coverage shows the forces of the regime firing what appears to be tear gas. Moments later sound of gun fire replaced tear gas.

Image shared on social media shows a young man is brutally killed by government forces. Other reports on social media say the number of people killed so far in today’s protest in Gonder is four. However, protesters are not backing off. They seem to be rather fighting back.

What caused the sudden outbreak of the protest is rumor that TPLF forces under the guise of “Federal Government” resolved to transfer Colonel Demeke Zewdu from Angereb prison in Gonder to the notorious Maekelawi in Addis Ababa.

Last week, a report came out that judges in Gonder Higher court voted 4-1 to transfer colonel Demeke Zewdu from Gonder to Addis Ababa torture chamber.

So far no criminal charge is laid against Colonel Demeke Zewdu- who was one of the elected member of Wolqaite question.

While resisting abduction like illegal arrest colonel Demeke Zewdu exchanged fire with security forces that are believed to have come from Tigray region and killed three of them.

Protesters in Gonder reacted angrily to remark by Hailemariam Desalegne regarding the Wolqaite Question. Hailemariam Desalegne stated that Wolqaite belongs to Tigray region, not Gonder.

Demonstrations are planned for August 6 and 7 in different parts of Ethiopia and situation seem to be deteriorating day by day.

Gondar protest now
Incident in Gonder happened half an hour ago Source : Social Media

Based on social media reports, the protest was peaceful until regime forces marred it by going into killing spree.

Tens of civilians are feared dead following brutal actions by regime forces.

Protest is planned for August 6 and 7 in other parts of Ethiopia.




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