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Minister: Liyu Police forces commit atrocity in Somalia

Shabelle News
Published on August 1,2016

The minister of constitution and reconciliation affairs of Interim Galmudug administration Osman Mohamed Ali has accused Ethiopia’s notorious Liyu police of war crimes in central Somalia.

The minister who spoke to Radio Shabelle over the phone, said Liyu police soldiers have raided several small towns in Mudug region, set a blaze on houses and killed Several unarmed civilians.

The Ethiopian forces backed by tanks and heavy weapons have forced hundreds of local residents to flee from their villages in Mudug region and local officials say they can’t deal with the situation.

“The division of Somali people and lack of unity pushed Ethiopia troops to cross into Somalia’s territory and kill the innocent civilians without meaning,” Ali said.

Galmudug state officials have in the past promised to stop the atrocity, and protect its people from the Liyu Police attacks in southern Mudug region, near Somali-Ethiopian border.



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