At least six people killed and twenty-five others wounded in Awoday, Eastern Harar

July 31

Commercial town of Awoday in Eastern Harar zone,Ethiopia saw a bloody day when regime force unleashed an attack of big magnitude against civilians in the city according to Oromia Media Network report.

As per the report, Awoday “was transformed into a state of war zone today.” At least Six people are killed and twenty six people are wounded, added the report citing residents from the town. According to the report, snipers were deployed in the town as part of the Aghazi force.

The attack came following outbreak of popular opposition against in the town.

7 military armored truck of the Agazi division Tigray People’s Liberation force entered the town to quell the movement.

Oromia police and local militia were disarmed in Awoday and Kebele administration was burned down.

Over the past many months over 400 Oromo speaking Ethiopians are killed by the forces of the regime.


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