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Audit reveals over half a billion birr shortage in cash in Addis Ababa city administration

July 28,2016

Addis Ababa City Administration

Addis Ababa City Administration audit in the ending budget year revealed half a billion birr ( that is about $25 million US) shortage in cash.

Addis Ababa based Amharic newspaper,Sendek, reported that five agencies organizations under Addis Ababa administration are Labour and Social Affairs Bureau, Akaki District Administration office, Akaki Capacity Building office, Communication office, Arada district Office and Zewditu Hospital

The report added that the above mentioned entities under Addis Ababa City Administration do not have strong internal audit system.

Corruption has become so rampant in Ethiopia and a hall mark of the regime in power. About 40 percent of Ethiopia ‘s capital and operating budget is funded by donation from donor countries in the west.




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