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Ethiopia : new video shows defense forces firing at residents in Boku

July 27,2016

A new video that purportedly shows forces of the regime firing residents in Boku, Ethiopia, is widely circulating in social media. Boku is located in the borena zone of Oromia region. The video source seem to be someone from the town of Boku.

Based on updates shared by “Ethiopian DJ”, three names of victims are identified so far; Qabar Qarbato,Fatuma Waqo and Sora Halaqe. Ethiopian Satellite Television report puts causality figure to five.

In a related news, a recent graduate of Adama University who is identified as Ibsa Adem is killed by forces of the regime in Gurawa town of Hararge zone. The killing happened in a wedding ceremony. Forces of the regime were reportedly deployed to a wedding ceremony in the town to make the audience stop dancing to a music which seem to be interpreted politically. For the party that deployed the forces, the song sounded an attempt to incite “violence.”

Renewed protest broke out in Arsi zone some two days ago. The regime reportedly deployed high number of armed forces in the region, a sign that probably indicates anticipation of spread of protest in other areas of the region.

According to ESAT report protest in Oromia region is expanding to many zones of the regional state.
Video : Social Media
Cover Photo : screenshot from video



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