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Resurgence of protest in Oromia region of Ethiopia

July 26,2016

Source -Social media

Renewed protest is reportedly rocking Oromia region of Ethiopia. Arsi zone of the region which is located to the South of the capital, Addis Ababa, experienced violent protest earlier today.

Unverified video circulating in soical media seem to show that mechanized farming that is said to be owned by Saudi born billionare Sheik Mohammed Al-amoudi is blazed

Amharic edition of Ethiopian Satellite Televsion (ESAT) news seem to indicate that Dodola, Adaba and adjacent areas came under attack by security forces following resurgence of protest in the region.

According to an eye witness who spoke to ESAT on condition of anonymity, security forces fired live ammunition against protesters.

Roads leading to neighboring districts of western Arsi Zone are blocked with big rocks in an apparent move to deter unrestricted movement of security forces in the region.

There has been a resilient protest in the region for many months now after Addis Ababa administration unveiled proposal of Master Plan for Addis Ababa which was said to be prone to dislocate small farmers in the areas surrounding Addis Ababa.

International Human Rights group like Human Rights Watch reported that at least 400 people were killed by security forces in connection with the peaceful protest.

In a similar development, tension in Gonder region of North Western Ethiopia remains high. Protest broke out in Gonder about two weeks ago when government forces tried to make arrest of elected representatives of Wolqaite question. It seems to be the case that people in the region are not backing off from their demand.

If Protest in Arsi zone of Oromia region expands to other parts of Oromia region, volatility of political and security situation in Ethiopia could enter a new phase according to observers who share their opinion in social media.

So far demands by protesters are purely within the frameworks of the constitution and could be resolved without loss of life if there is a semblance of political will in the ruling circles of Tigray People’s Liberation Front – which is not the case- apparently.

Cover Photo : screenshot from unverified video of protest in Oromia region



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