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Ethiopian Athlete fell twice during Steeplechase race but won a medal

July 25,2026

Video credit : IAAF

In the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Under 20 Steeplechase 3000 meters race at the BYDGOSZCZ 2016, Ethiopian Athlete Getnet Wale fell twice during the course of the race but he won a bronze!

In what Bob Ramsak, who reported about the IAAF event for IAAF, described as “the week’s most ferociously entertaining contests on the track,” Amos Kirui of Kenya claimed the gold medal.

According to IAAF report, Getnet fell in the final lap while was trying to leave the water pit and he was overtaken by Eritrean athlete Yemane Haileselassie.

Getnet Walle managed to catch up with the leading pack composed of a Kenyan and Eritrean but fell again nearly in the same spot he did.

Kenya, Eritrea and Ethiopia took Gold,Silver and Bronze respectively.

From IAAF video clip above, the result could have been different if Getnet didn’t fall twice. Getnet Wale seem to have a bright future in the category.

Cover Photo : screenshot from IAAF video




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