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Ethiopia : new book about True origins of Oromos and Amharas

July 25,2016

San Francisco based Ethiopian Fikre Tolossa, who is a university professor, is not a new name to Ethiopians abroad or in Ethiopia.

He is a playwright, poet and author, among other things. In addition to Ethiopian languages and English, he speaks fluent German and has taught Folklore in German Universities.Fikre ToLossa Book

He has authored as many as 60 books – not to mention numerous published articles and media appearances on matters related to Ethiopian history.

Last week, he broke the news about his latest book “True Origin of Oromos and Amharas.” The book is written in Amharic and translates to “Ye Oromo ena Ye Amhara eunetegnaw yezer Minch.” Like many of his books, his latest book is research based.

Fikre Tolossa has got thousands of fans in social media. And enthusiasm about his new book is noticeable among Ethiopians in Social Media.

Ermias Tokuma, who is among the most active Ethiopians in social media – clearly growing day by day- wrote about the publication of “True Origin of Oromos and Amharas” with passion and optimism. He seems to have hopes that the book will clear politically charged, persistent and ubiquitous ambiguity in conversations regarding Oromos and Amhara and their relation to history.

Amharic and Oromiffa are the most widely spoken languages in Ethiopia. In fact, Amharic is spoken extensively even outside of Oromo speaking parts of Ethiopia.

While the two language speaking groups are the most intermingled peoples of Ethiopia, radical ethnic politics with a sentiment for secession and some say that the it has got foreign powers behind it, ravaged centuries and centuries of harmonious relation.

Unlike the past, in all of the politically charged conversations emphasis is rather placed on differences; the most radical groups even painted Amharic speakers as enemies.

What exactly is the new book talking about?

Fikre Tolossa, as a man who undertook a great deal of study in the history of Ethiopia as it relates to Oromos and Amharas, has authoritative knowledge to shade light on matters that are rather painted dark.

From excerpts on the back cover of the book, Fikre Tolossa posed important questions like “Who really ruled Ethiopia for the past 700 years ; Amhara or Oromo?” “What was the extent of Amhara ‘s influence and participation in dynastic rules in Ethiopia’s past?” As well, the book tend to trash the account that the Oromos originated from Africa’s biggest Island, Madagascar

The book is distributed in Ethiopia, North America and Europe.
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  1. You are the Hero! This time i feel that i am proud of Being Ethiopian, this is my identity.Thank You for letting me know who am i?
    You are Patriot.

  2. I can’t believe these book totally, I have seen many mistakes written to confuse readers, it is politically motivated to destabilize the federalism in Ethiopia and undermine many ethinics of Ethiopia and helping dominate the one language, one religion, of the previous style regimes of Ethiopia which is the main root cause of poverty and civil war for centuries in Ethiopia.

    • Do you mean Fez-ralism? we have been in it for the past 25 years. right? so, what do you say about the rising poverty and civil war now? You don’t believe this book because you have been brain washed so badly that no other remedy is available other than keep telling you again and again. bro. Today, the top political leaders like Aboy Sebhat is telling us the fact that even him and his party doesn’t know 50% about Ethiopia. He is more than 70 years old. he ruled the country for 25 years. He has been in armed struggle for 17 years. he is a founder of the ti-gray liberation movement. So, even leaders like him are acknowledging the major flaws existing in their previous believes about the origins and history of the various ethnic groups of Ethiopia. we all learn new things every day.

  3. Thank You what you think positive towards Ethiopian People , we love Ethiopia!! Woyane Disturb the whole Ethiopian people b/n each ethnicity & each person ….

  4. my Oromo brothers & sisters please invest on this book & educate yourself.
    our enemies working hard for many years to divided us.
    after they invested a lots money & time for many years, we are on a process of becoming together. The civilized people respect each other & work together to make a better living
    standard on every aspect.

  5. Dr Fikre eyayu yechelemebachew ende bahir ashewa bebezubet bahunu wekt, yenigat chora honeh ewketihin kene mulu kibru besir yasayeh talak sew neh.nurilin’nurilin’ kibir ygebahal.

  6. In At this critical time, to publish this book shall give the correct picture for those who are confused. To the later generations it shall be a good reference to have a written evidence to challenge those who are creating a new Ethiopian history. I appreciate Dr. Fikre Tolossa for his works. He inspires Ethiopia. In each generation there is always an Ethiopian who defends this country. In our time from many one is Dr. Fikre. Where are we going to find this book? I am from Europe Switzerland

  7. Thank you Dr fikre tolosa. Now let Ethiopian people understand how they lost their history. Please the books written about Ethiopians may not be in Ethiopia but search if it is in other countries. Dr fikre tolosa did that. Please this is not politics.It is a fact about confused Ethiopians. They may lacks their family tree(ancestry).Oromo’s and amharas and the rest of Ethiopians are hybrid Ethiopians. The same people,origin but speak different language.we are the same origin.Ethiop is our father!

  8. It certifies my belief that Ethiopians are not only from one tribe but also the origin of all races in Africa.Go every where in Africa as mentioned in his book,Nigeria all east Africa Senegal etc you get that there is similarities .

    To me it looks his research is based on facts, Now hope that we may not cry Oromo Amhara, Tigre, Gal Gibe etc let us wait and see until we believe Ethiopia is one tribe or not

  9. ጤና ይስጥልኝ ዶክተር ፍቅሬ ቶሎሳ እንደምን አለህ?
    እያደረካቸው ያለውን የሀገር ፍቅር እንቅስቃሴዎች
    አዲሱን መጽሐፍ እኔ ተፈራ ጉባኤና ጌታቸው ፉዋፉውቴ
    መግዛት ስለምንፈልግ በሚመችህ የመገናኛ ዘዴ መልስህን እንሻለን።
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    614 377 1482 ጌታቸው

  10. Dear Fikre tolossa jigsa, i am very shoked when i read your the so called true histroy it is like “Teret Teret” . First of all you have not enough knowlage of history to write a 100 milion ppl centuries a go facts. pls fikre before you pick your pen to destot pps history for a consumption money try to read about ehiopian history according to the bible and sinds when ethiopians are involved in the bible.
    Dear Fikre, are you realy educated historyan? i doubt. if you are pls let we know your back groud. your book is a trash fake history. may be you are in a risk in case of destortion.

    • You are bullshit. Don’t bother our famous scholars like Professor Fikre Tolossa. You are simply an ordinary lumpen. How can you insult our professor? You may be the daughter of one of the Weyane ignorants.

  11. Ethiopia sees you as a great messenger of God in our modern day and peacemaker of all.
    May God keep and deliver you from evil.Thank you for your historical book. Please continue this good idea and holy work
    From Jerusalem the capital city of the world and the place of great king-priest Meliktsedek

  12. I 100% believe this historian, I don’t have to be philosopher, Those of you who argue agonist Dr. Fikre, I recommend you to the origin of human race ,” Every thing we read tells that human race is from Adam and Eve” I further confirm all the evidence Dr. Fikre presented. God bless you!!

    Keep it up.

  13. I am eager to read the book . I heard your interview with SBS radio , and encouraged me to buy the book . I need to know where I can find the book in USA .

  14. Thank you Dr fikre Tolosa. Now let Ethiopian people understand how they lost their history. Please the books written about Ethiopians may not be in Ethiopia but search if it is in other countries.
    i have no words to express your work pro fikre tolosa thank you
    enamesgnalen galatoma isin jalanaa

  15. Fikre Tolasa (Dr ?) Are you a Doctor or Dr is your nick name? History is neither diary nor opinion. Distorting the history in this modern century is the sign of foolishness.

  16. F.Tolosaaa! It seems that you sank into the Ocean without knowing how to swim. Your brief CV could not tell that you are neither a Geneticist, Linguist nor Historian per se to talk, let alone to write about what you called “History, Zer/Race.” One can read you are a playwriter, and that is all about your 13 plus minute of the advertisement to sale your “new book” that is analog to a company that advertises how healthy is to eat a junk food. History is not play-writing, it is a science and should be a science, the study of the human, society, institutions, a dialogue between the past and the present.History is investigative, interrogative interprets the past, and ferrets out the truth, purifies it from debris. Thus, one must carefully distinguish history from folklore primary. Folklore, play-writing is essentially a tradition of a collection of synthesized stories, myths, and beliefs. It is neither a science, nor investigative and can only entertain at best re-supply self-esteem to the individual or groups of people like you, sadly, the habeshanized /Abyssinized others and the settler colonialist/neftenyas who still dream and loudly bit the empty drums of fables and myth imported from Byzantine most efficiently in the 14th through Coptic Egypt of Alexandria to Habesha proper, later Abyssinia. Toady than ever Sacred Historian, Anthropologists, Linguists, Sociologist, Geneticist, Archeologist etc, has laid out the facts of the region the Northeastern African Plateau and to whom the the primordial civilization belongs before the immigration of the Asiatic hordes categorized as the “Semitics”fled from starvation, running away from dying from hunger from the hot arid desert of south-western Arabian deserts to save their life and settled, and intermingled with the indigenous habitats of the region. Genuine experts from various academic branches who are loyal to their discipline wrote books, published in research journals for us to learn, study their masterworks, to teach to the next generation to the level of global reckoning, for those who are capable of learning. It seems the playwriter Fiqre has no a capability to learn from them from their sacred works. Otherwise, there was needs of pickingup a pen to write junks of old fabrication which the wrold is tired of and after all nothing is knew except in ”!Awkening the old dead debtras! the“Geez’s”
    Apropos, what was know as “Geez alphabet” is in fact can be considered as salad recipes amalgamated from Hibru, Greek, Byzantine etc, for which Medu-Neter(Hieroglyphs) script of KMT (Black People of the Nile Valley) writings for at least 3 to 4 thousand Years before the birth of any script on this planet if one may want to name, if at all if there is one le us know it.

    Sheba Or Saba: One may diehard to the extent one wants. The fact is, no serious scholar found if she is living creature, a human or even a goat for that matter. The most plausible arguments, our current knowledge about she or it was an invited myth of unknown origin, some- where in Asian Minor and entered in religious writings of the Hebrew myth. One my dream of Solomon begat Saba and the miracles invisible one “Menelik I” was born just out of vacuum, the departing myth of Habeshaness, latter “ethiopiyawenet”the holds true to the very date.

    Qubee : one can wonder, today in the 21st century when one comes across, such individuals like Fikre who still live in their cage of myth and pseudopatritism who are beating a dead Horse, and punches above their weight. His proposal i.e of “Geez” for the whole linguistically and cultural families of Cushitis in the African continent. The second largest lingua Franca of the Africa content .

    The Oromo elderes says fira du’ee hin qabduu meant literately a day dreamer. Thanks to the Heros and Heroines of the Oromo people and the OLF whom we call the the Fathers and Mother of Qubee, and the door openers for the whole Cushitic families like Sidaama, Afra Ogaden etc incarcerated in one of the most primitive barbarain predatory empire your dream of “Geez” was buried in the year 1991 and 1992 and Qubeee is flourishing what ever subjection,vilification was an is still done on it .

    As Oromo elders says ” Harree ganma badee, galgalaa kur’kurrin hinargatani.

  17. am sorry guys any thing new is become always news for all of us let any body write any thing he/she like/fun of so kindly i would like to tell u that we all are from Adam and Hewan except those brutal and fascist.

  18. In my opinion, Mr. Tolessa is no long brilliant minded writer and I cannot call him professor as he is very stupid person. In his way he is trying to kill and burry our histrory that not only oromo but all african and world people know. I think he is one of Amhara and Atse fans.
    totally he dont know even Ethio- Oromo histry, he cannot write the name of his grand father and his grand mother correctly. It is big shame for as to read what he write as a book.

    To end, call me and Fuuuck you upside down at Tana dar.

  19. _Blessed love to all Ethiopians at home in Ethiopia and to us Bobo Ashanti abroad….Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah RastafarI
    Quedamawi Haile Selazsie did say that when Ethiopia/Africa’s Righteous people come together, then the world will come together…Ethiopia yes and Egypt/Jamaica no!…never give away a continent for an island…..Freedom Redemption International Repatriation is a Must!…set the Black refugees free under our own vine and fig tree now and now…Melchezedek Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah Rastafari!
    The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress the True Divine Church of Salvation demand 21 miles long of Black Starliner Highwater Ships to take us Melchezedek Righteous Kingdom home to our Golden Land of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia…The land where all Gods and Goddessses love to be…John Marcus I King Selassie I Jah Rastafari!

  20. Scientific studies are NOT, and NEVER were “sacred” and holy. This is a fundamental fault you your assessment of said studies. More particularly, you show that you did not even read the studies you praise so much when you say that the semitic genes came from”south west arabia” because that is scientifically false and was in known as such for at least 15 years genetically. You can search for yourself where it is from. I don’t really care to correct you for your sake but to let others see you for what you really are.

  21. To Odaa and your cohorts,
    you and some oromo ethnic politicians try to create identity of Oromo and other ethnic groups while we Ethiopians share much more things that makes us one than minor things. By denying geez as an Ethiopian value, you not only deny yourself but undermine Africa as a whole. You do not understand the difference between gala and Oromo. You do not know that the ancestors of gala people used to speak geez when they were ruling Ethiopia before and after the birth of Jesus Christ. If you ask the doctor that you condemn simply based on your biases, he can explain to you. He is a person of intellectual capacity who exposed facts that other experts could not reveal. He studied how the Ethiopian history was related to the Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Arabia, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Israel, and others with facts. they are myths for you since you do not understand them as hard to believe that it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun other than otherwise. You belong to the richest social group in Ethiopia where Oromo people live in its heart; yet your philosophy is so greed that you want to break the heart in which you live in in order to satisfy your egocentric interest. you talk about democracy and human rights but do not understand that the goal of ethic politics is discrimination of one against others. I cannot believe that an educated 21st century man says that. Even a peasant of the 21st century believes in socialization not in isolation.
    After forty years since Naftagna was dead and buried, your associates still campaign on it by ignoring Koros and other Oromo balabats and even the Oromo killers of today. For you human rights is killing people turn by turn, oppressing people turn by turn. Your cohorts talk about human rights but force other communities to learn Kubee. Do you think that such state of rule can stay 27 years? You may dream; but will see the reality soon. How can we progress and reach the stage of developed countries while such archaic ideas arrest us from time to time? Can you see how America is made of peoples from almost all over the world and all identify themselves as American citizens? See Germans; see even Vietnamese. What is your dream? the dream of a fly or that of human? If you believe in that of human, try to see that we live in one world family. We not freely trade with any country in the world we as individual citizens can freely go to any country in the world and live there; human rights is respected all over over the world except in in uncivilized and primitive social groups.


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