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Giant playwright, choreographer and director – Abate Mekuria – Passed away

July 20,2016

Abate Mekuria, Ethiopia’s most prominent playwright, choreographer and director passed away. The news broke this afternoon and Ethiopians in social media are expressing their sadness. Abate me

Some say that behind every talented actor/actress in Ethiopia in the 70’s , 80’s and 90’s was Abate Mekuria. Abate Mekuria was a man of versatile talents.

Abate served as art director at the National Theater. He also served as manager of Addis Ababa cultural centre.

It’s a great loss for Ethiopia.



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    It is a lesson for all Ethiopians . Regardless how much talent you got Ethiopians politicians will not appreciate one bit unless you create art the way the leaders like it. Woyane sued and destroyed Abate Mekuriya when he wrote and produced the play called “YELISTROW OPRA” FORCING HIM to re-write the play renaming the title to “YEGODANAW OPRA” . His artist Ethiopian life Died with so many of Ehiopians free spirit died along with his SINCE THEN being the main reason for the begining of never ending brain drain in the last 25 years in Ethiopia. PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE to judge how Ethiopia’s art is not free at all.


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