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Ethiopia : Indian contractor disappeared with estimated 30 million birr

July 20,2017

Indian contractor who won an allegedly won road construction project in Ethiopia is reported to have disappeared with more an estimated thirty million Ethiopian birr(Ethiopian currency) which is an equivalent of $1.5 million US.

Government affiliated -Fana Broadcasting Corporation- reported that the S.E.W contractor was given a 66 kilo meters tar road project worth of close to one billion Ethiopian birr.

According to the report, SEW was selected through “international project contract bidding” some three or so years ago.

Contractor is said to have disappeared without paying 30 million Ethiopian birr to to Sub-contractors and employees who were working for SEW.

The road project contract was signed between Ethiopian Roads Authority and SEW. If it the project was completed, the road from Awassa to Chiko in Southern Ethiopia would have a tar raod.

Apart from delay in project completion, as per FANA’s report, the project was facing difficulties in terms of finance, quality and project administration.

From the report, project was mainly financed by African Development Bank.

At least 200 employees are not payed a month and half worth of their wages.

From other reports, construction industry in Ethiopia is plagued with chronic corruption issues at various stages of project starting from contracting out. Recently, a report to Ethiopian parliament on completed condominium construction unveiled disappearance of 88 blocks of buildings that were supposedly to be part of completed project.

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