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Ethiopia : Tigray region leaders responsible for civilian causality in Gonder say protesters in Washington DC

July 18,2016

Gonder Association for Ethiopian Unity and other organizations in Washington DC area organized a rally in support of popular uprising in Gondar.

The uprising in Gondar broke out after Tigray regional state, according to claims by people in Gondar, deployed its security forces under the guise of Federal security apparatus to forcefully repress identity question which is rather presumed to be constitutional in nature.

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans gathered in front of US State Department denounced continued US support to the government in Ethiopia which is widely criticized for unfairly exploiting political,economic,military and other structures to enrich its ethnic base Tigray , a region in Northern Ethiopia, at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia – not to mention recurring violent repression of dissenting voices.

“We are here not to cry ; we are here to tell you that the resistance against oppression of Ethiopians is ignited”, “Stop killing Amhara farmers!” were among the slogans that the protesters were saying in front of the State Department.

Professor AlemAnte who is apparently from Gondar Association for Ethiopian Unity read out a statement.

According to the statement, Tigary regional leaders are responsible for civilian causality in Gondar and they, apparently Tigray regional government and federal governments, should pay reparation for the families of the victims.

Further more, the statement demanded that Tigray regional leaders who ordered deployment of Tigray regional government security forces into Gonder,which is within the jurisdiction of the Amhara regional State, should appear before law.

Underscoring the point that uprising in Gonader is not affiliated with any political parties or foreign powers, the statement also demanded the government to address constitutional question of people in Wolqaite. Ethiopian government blames Eritrea whenever people in Ethiopia demand freedom.

Wolqaite was incorporated to Tigay region of Ethiopia soon after Tigray People’s Liberation Front came to be power following the fall of colonel Mengistu’s government in 1991.

People in Wolqaite identify themselves with Gondar region which is one of the areas in Ethiopia dominated by Amharic speakers,also knows as Amhara.

Eleven government security forces were killed in Gondar when people fought back attack on civilians in Gonder and representatives of Wolqaite question.

In a related development, there is unconfirmed news that government is plotting to disarm farmers in Gondar.

For Youtube video of the demonstration click HERE
Cover Photo : Screen shot from rally video

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