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Ethiopia flags military intervention idea in South Sudan

July 17,2016

Administration in Addis Ababa is fagging the idea to send troops to South Sudan after renewed fighting between the forces of President Salva Kirr and the forces of Machar rocked the capital of the newest African independent state.

Turkish News Source, Anadolu Agency, quoted Ethiopia’s communication minister Getachew Reda as saying “Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) would meet to discuss restoring peace to South Sudan”

Kenya and Rwanda also seem to be interested in sending troops to South Sudan. Based on Anadolu Agency’s report that cited communication minister Getachew Reda, up to 14,000 troops could be prepared from the three countries (Ethiopia,Rwanda and Kenya)

It is apparent that the United Nations ( UN ) would pay for it if the plan it to get a go-ahead.

There has been complaints from peace keeping forces in Somalia that they didn’t get pay for more than six months.


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