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Fighting in Sanja – Gondar – between residents and deployed security forces

July 15,2016

Video Credit : Feteh on Facebook

What is said to be a fighting between deployed security forces whom eye witnesses identify them as TPLF on the one hand and residents of Sanja, Gondar, on the other is released on facebook in the past 45 minutes or so.

The news is not confirmed from other sources.

While uprising in Gondar town seem to be subsiding compared to the past two days, vigorous uprising is breaking out in other smaller towns of Gondar. Debarq and Sanja are few of them.

Yesterday, there was a report that government is moving heavy artillery to Gondar, north west of Ethiopia.

Government claimed that it captured what it calls “Eritrean backed terrorists” in Gonder. As it turns out, the alleged “terrorists” appeared to be members of Wolqaite question committee who were coordinating the identity question and communicating with government on behalf of the people of Wolqaite on matters pertaining to the identity question.

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