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Ethiopian Opposition calls on Ethiopians to support popular uprising in Gonder

July 14,2016

Ethiopian armed opposition party with supporters within and outside of Ethiopia called on all Ethiopians to support popular uprising in Gondar.

In a fifteen minutes video message in Amharic, Birhanu Nega, former Bucknell University economics professor who resigned his professorial position in favor of joining armed struggle to bring about Freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, leader of Ginbot 7 party likened the situation in Gondar to one that was going on in Oromigna speaking parts of Ethiopian in the last five months.

“Gondar has become a war zone and innocent civilians are being killed as we speak. Unknown number of civilians have lost their lives” said Berhanu Nega.

The uprising in Gondar was sparked when what are believed to be security forces from Tigray regional state intruded Gonder and abducted four members of wolqaite question committee. Fifth member of the committee refused to surrender and fought his way out of military siege with support from residents, according to reports in social media.

Abducted members of the committee are not yet released.

Emerging reports from Gondar indicate that Colonel Demeke Zewdu whom security forces failed to abduct is negotiating the release of the abducted members of the committee but no detail is available regarding the circumstances under which he is negotiating.

In the video message, Ginbot 7 leader stated that ” People in wolqaite do not want TPLF to determine their identity. People in wolqaite do not want TPLF to determine as which regional regional state structure they should belong to.”

Emphasizing on unity as a means and an end in itself, he called on all Ethiopians including Tigreans to support the just cause of people in Gonder. He also called on entities working with TPLF in the coalition EPRDF to do what they can to bring TPLF regime to an end.

Ginbot 7 is, added Berhanu, doing everything in its power to support struggle in all parts of Ethiopia.



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