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Protest in Gonder getting momentum in the second day of confrontation with TPLF government

July 13,2015

Protest in Gonder entered its second day and its is getting momentum despite TPLF government deployed forces with heavy artillery.

Civilian causalities are reported and there is causality on the part of TPLF security forces as well. I

The core of the political controversy between Gonder on the one hand and Tigray Regional government and Federal government which is practically under Tigray People’s Liberation Front on the other is that Tigray wants to rob Wolqaite land and make it to be part of Tigray which has never been the case historically.

The legal process is now derailed after TPLF security forces from Tigray intruded and took some committee members on the question of wolqaite a hostage.

In fact the protest is rather evolving into a resistance movement against the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front elites and their desire to forcefully snatch land and impose Tigraian identity on Gonder. Some Observers seem to think that TPLF government is unleashing its decades old hate policy towards Ethiopians.

International media outlets, some of them seem to have reporter in the country,turned a deaf ear. The protest which claimed lives is not given news coverage and the attention it deserves.

Video credit : ECADF on social media
Cover photo: screenshot from video



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