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Developing story : Gonder in a war like situation

July 12,2016

In what is said to be a move to capture committee members of the Wolqaite question, Tigray regional government deployed security forces to Gonder. The result is a tense situation as people in Gonder are fighting back against security forces.

Gonder , according to citizen report, is under siege as we speak and one person is reported to be in hospital after he was shot by security forces.

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) is also reporting about the war like situation in Gonder. Colonel Demeke Zewudu, apparently one of the committee members on the wolqite question, is fighting back rather than surrendering to security forces from Tigray region of Ethiopia.

while the full extent of the damage and causality is not known at this point, it is confirmed that vehicle that belongs to security forces is reduced to ashes. As well, a bus owned “selam company” which many observers with insider information think that it is owned by people close to Tigray People’s Liberation Front power circle is destroyed as well.

People in Wolqaite, supported by people all over Gonder and beyond, were resisting that Wolqauite is not Tigre and should not be part of Tigray regional state. Tigray Regional government on the other hand is determined to impose a Tigre identity on people who are rejecting a Tigray identity. The government is Tigray seem to have the support of, at least tacitly, the Federal Government which is totally dominated by Tigray People Liberation Front.

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