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Move to demolish Ethiopian churches in Lafto met with stiff resistance from residents

July 7,2016

Move to demolish two Ethiopian churches, Kidane Mihret and Urael, in Lafto district of Addis Ababa – which was a scene of tragedy last week as government forces evicted thousands of residents – met with stiff resistance from residents, reported ESAT citing sources from the area.

That report added that demolition task force assigned by the administration was halted in Lafto when it was trying to demolish Uruael church. Three days later, a priest from the same church was killed by security forces in relation to residents resistance to stop the demolition.

According to ESAT report, the demolition task force demolished part of the church structure where the laity- specially patients – get holy water to heal from ailments. The laity was even ordered to remove the ARK before the task force go ahead with the demolition- a flash point which sparked clash with the police.

The Ethiopian church is one of the oldest churches on earth. Ethiopian Church tradition has it that Ethiopia received Christianity its special envoy well before the apostles of Jesus Christ traveled out of Israel to preach the teachings of Jesus Christ. The church represents a significant part of Ethiopian identity.

More than thirty thousands residents of the area were forcefully evicted from homes and subsequently reduced to homelessness.

Government is evicting the area to sell the land for “investors”


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