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Ethiopian School Leaving examination reportedly stolen again

July 6,2015

Ethiopian School Leaving examination,the result of which determines whether students could join institutions of higher learning or not, reportedly stolen again.

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) says it has got information from Ethiopia.

The examination was stolen first by the end of May of this year and Ethiopian government cancelled the exam and rescheduled examination to take place by the end of June.

Citing sources in Ethiopia, ESAT says English examination was sent to it from Ethiopia. Credible sources within ESAT announced on social media that ESAT will not release exams online.

When the examination was stolen by Oromo activists in May, exams were posted online which is why the administration in Ethiopia was left with no choice other than cancelling the exam.

As it turns out, exams for some subject matters ended up in the hands of students before they were officially administered.

Not known at this point whether government will cancel the exam. The government didn’t even admit yet that the exam is stolen again.

borkena will update as more details emerge.



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