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Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America Festival kicked off with colorful ceremony

July 4,2016

Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) kicked off its thirty-third tournament and cultural festival in Toronto with colorful opening ceremony at Allan Lampart Stadium.

Thirty-two teams from across North America are taking part in the tournament with matches scheduled throughout the out the week. The final match will be played during the closing day on July 9,2013.

The stadium was packed with Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia.

Events of the opening ceremony seem to be well organized.

It has become almost customary to play Ethiopia’s popular singer, the late Tilahun Gesesses’ most popular song “Enat Hager Ethiopia” during the opening ceremony. Everyone in the Stadium waving the Ethiopian flag. It seemed to be to be emotionally electrifying ; the stadium was rocked and the mood was jovial and cheerful.

A man dressed in Emperor Menelik’s attire and escorted by big crowed in Ethiopian traditional clothes rode Shire horse in front of the jubilant crowed. The song selected for that part of the event was Tedwodros Kassahun’s “Menelik Tikur Seweu”

Outside of the pitch, the vending area was crowded with people and all sorts of vendors. Ethiopian food was certainly a big portion the vending areas. There were ,however, booths for activists which attracted quite considerable number of Ethiopians. Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) located just on the first spot captured the attention of its audiences. Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 booths has also attracted quite a good number of people.


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