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Ethiopia : at least three Addis Ababa Police members reportedly killed earlier today

June 29,2017

(Amateur video released on Social media -Ethio -Hagere)

At least three Addis Ababa Police members are reportedly killed earlier today during a clash between residents of woreda 1 – Lafto district of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, according to Social Media report and Ethiopian Satellite Television report.

While government admitted the death of three members of Addis Ababa police, reports in social media indicate that the number of deaths is well over 10.

Clash between police and residents to Lafto area broke out when Addis Ababa police was deployed in the area to support demolition work.

In what seems like gentrification trend, residents who have lived in the area for decades are forceful dislocated from their houses to make way for “investors.” Government action instigated the residents to fight back and protect their houses.

As part of the move to dislocate residents from the area, authorities ordered removal of electric transformer which caused the clash between residents and police.

Residents are not armed and apparently members of the police were stoned to death. Causalities on the side of residents is not known at this point.

Government is said to have deployed special forces to the area following intense clash between residents and Addis Ababa police which left at least three police dead. One of the victim was a police commander.

The trend to displace downtrodden people so as to make way for “investors” in Addis Ababa has caused significant social and economic crisis as far as residents are concerned and some paid in life.

The critic by most observers is that the government is doing in total contempt of the people.

It is to be recalled that the master plan to expand the city of Addis Ababa at the expense of small scale farmers in the adjacent areas of Addis Ababa caused vigorous protest in Oromigna speaking parts of Ethiopia. International Human Rights organizations like HRW confirmed that at least 400 civilians were killed by government crackdown on peaceful protesters.


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