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Bodies of 19 Ethiopians flown home : ZNBC

June 27,2016

Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) reported that the bodies of 19 Ethiopians, who were suffocated to death sometime last week in what appears to be human trafficking case, is flown home.

According to Immigration Ministry spokesperson, Mr Namati Nshinka, International Organization for Migration cooperated with the government of Zambia to repatriate the bodies of Ethiopians.

The report added that about 76 surviving Ethiopians are waiting for repatriation and are temporarily sheltered in Lusaka.

Apparently, there was no active move on the part of TPLF led government of Ethiopia to initiate the bodies of Ethiopians. As such the news was not given the attention it deserves by government media and news outlets that are know to be pro-TPLF government.

Despite narratives of “double digit Economic growth,” life is unbearable for millions of Ethiopians so much so that the potentially productive section of the population, the youth, is desperate to leave the country behind.

Sadly enough, it has now become customary to hear tragic news about Ethiopian migrants in Africa and Mediterranean.


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