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Are Ethiopia ‘s Oromo being violently repressed? – UpFront

June 24 ,2015

A heavy handed policy by the administration in Addis Ababa caused the death of 400 Ethiopians from Oromo speaking parts of Ethiopia which constitutes about a little over 30 percent of the Ethiopia’s total population. Causality figure is confirmed by Human Rights Watch (HRW) confirmed in its latest report. children and elders are among the victims of during the recent government crackdown which was under way nearly for a year.

The number of those wounded during the course of the movement is not exactly know but is estimated to be several hundreds.

What caused the recent movement by Ethiopia’s Oromo speaking people? On the surface, the peaceful movement started in opposition of proposed Addis Ababa master plan which aims to incorporate lands in the adjacent areas of oromo speaking Ethiopians. Yet, the basic cause is clearly something else ; partly relates to the way Federal power is exercised. The upshot, as stated above, was a brutal crackdown by government forces. The authoritarian power of the regime was seriously challenged at some point; roads in Oromia region were closed.

The recent crackdown on the Oromo is one of the many crackdowns that the minority regime of Tigray People’s Liberation Front carried out in its twenty five plus years of rule and virtually all parts of Ethiopia have experienced the brute.

Mehdi Hasan of Aljazeera asks the obvious question : “Are Ethiopia ‘s Oromo being violently repressed?” Getachew Reda, Ethiopian government communication minister and Lencho Bati of Oromo Democratic Front are invited to address the question.



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