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Ethiopia : $2 million worth condoms to be discarded

June 22, 2015

Government affiliated Fana Broadcasting corporation reported today that the administration is getting ride of 69 million condoms for quality reasons.

Report added that US $2 million was spent for the purchase of the condoms with a fund secured from global fund. Ethiopian food, medicine and health quality control authority reportedly conducted quality control test and determined that the condoms do not meet quality control standard.

The condom supplier who supplied the condoms is requested to refund the $2 million – according to Fana Broadcasting Report. The administration vowed to “recover” money spent to purchase those condoms.

In addition to getting refund, the supplier is also demanded to pay for costs of removing the condoms.

Fraudulent transactions are not uncommon in Ethiopia. In recent report in Parliamentary session, 88 supposedly constructed buildings were reported missing.

Until very recently, Ethiopia was one of the African countries that are severely affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. The trend is reversed but the disease is still a challenge in Ethiopia.

In 2013 country profile by UNAIDS, the number of people living with HIV AIDS in Ethiopia was estimated to be 793,700 including children.

Condom use is said to have reduced the rate of HIV AIDS transmission rates in Ethiopia.


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