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Eritrea : Eritreans protest in Geneva

June 21, 2016

TPLF government recently carried out incursion into Eritrean territory which caused a very serious military clash since the 1998-2000 clash.

The incursion came after the “international community” accused Eritrea of serious human rights abuse. On the other hand Eritreans are aware of what the allegation and the subsequent Ethiopian attack is all about. They came in great numbers in the streets of Geneva to condemn TPLF aggression and the support like stand of entities like UN.

In addition to what they think is illegal sanctions against Eritrea, protesters opposed regime change agenda in Eritrea by the US and its allies. There are speculations that the US is thinking in terms of regime change in Eritrea through the agency of Tigray People’s Liberation Front government (TPLF).

Video credit : Ykaaalo Gebreslasie

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