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Ethiopia dominated men’s 5000m at IAAF Stockholm Diamond League

June 18, 2016

Reports by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF)says that Ethiopia dominated Men’s 5000 meters at Stockholm Diamond League on Thursday.

One of the best Ethiopian athletes who beat Mo Farah in 2011, Ibrahim Jeilan, completed men’s 5000 meters distance first in 13:03.22 minutes. His compatriots Yomif Kejelcha and Muktar Edris finished second and third respectively. Three other Ethiopian athletes finished the distance taking 4th to 6th places. Ebrahim was running behind Yomif Kejelcha until about 50 meters to the finishing line.

Ebrahim and Yomif are among the hopefuls for the Rio Olympic in the 5000 and 10000 meters. After his victory and in what is said to be a message to Mo Farah , Ebrahim is quoted as saying “We started preparation early to beat Mo Farah this summer, and it’s going very well…I think we are ready. I respect Farah, but we will run as a team.”

The following video from Thursday’s Stockholm 5000m men’s event is posted on Youtube.


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