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Ethiopia : Must watch interview with Kassa Kebede

May 03,2015

In this two parts interview with Ethiopian Satellite Television, Kassa kebede former Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel – and arguably close confidant of former Ethiopian President colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, share crucial information and thought on matters of relation with Eritrea and the threat that Ethiopia and Eritrea could face in posterity.

His assessment of political Islam empire mentality in the Middle East, notably, Saudi Arabia is rather very Sharp and he accurately conveyed the message that Ethiopia is in a critical danger than ever before.

The ruling part’s die hard stand to maintain a hold on power ,which is informed by both ethnic chauvinism and the politics of fear at the same, and insatiable greed for wealth accumulated through outright sordid gain, facilitated the situation for historical enemies of Ethiopia.

This is a very timely interview. how well Ethiopians do understand his concern is a question that is hard to answer at this point.

Part I

Part II



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