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Oromo Liberation Front opposed land give away to Sudan

December 30,2015

An estimated land give away to Sudan. Map source : ECADF
An estimated land give away to Sudan.
Map source : ECADF

Oromo Liberation Front under Ibsa Dawud and Oromo Liberation Front under Kemal Gelchu opposed land given away to and border demarcation with Sudan.

The two organizations joined Fifty four other organizations to appeal to the United Nations in opposition of Ethiopian ruling party’s illegal land deal with Sudan, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television.

Ethiopian border commission coordinated political, religious,civic and media organizations joined hands to draft the appeal to the United Nations.

The document will be signed by the public before it is submitted to the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Reported skirmishes along Ethiopian-Sudan border in recent months caused loss of lives and the Ethiopian government was not acting on the matter.

According to eye witnesses, residents in the regions adjacent to the border were even violently repressed by Tigray People’s Liberation Front government due to their opposition of Sudan’s land claim in Ethiopia. Sudan has a fairly large land mass in Africa and has no problem of land inadequacy, unlike Ethiopia.

During recent parliamentary session, Prime minister Hailemariam Dessalegne denied any land give away to Sudan and rather accused Ethiopian farmers of intruding land that belongs to Sudan – an account that deviates from what Ethiopians experienced in the border area.

The appeal to the United Nations is seen by observers as a significantly constructive move for it united political, religious and other organizations with divergent views.

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